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The POS we use in our bar is not listed. Can we still use VisitOne?
Yes! Simply make use of our free integration with Square. You can sign-up for a Square account for free. You can then manage your inventory and see the online orders from VisitOne. Square will charge a fee on the payments, but so do all payment service providers, so that's quite normal. Contact us to see just how easy it is to start taking pre-orders with VisitOne and Square.
Can we sell merchandise using VisitOne?
Absolutely. VisitOne can be configured to show merchandise specific buttons on the home screen so you can offer your guests an easy option for ensuring they have everything they need to enjoy the event they are attending.
Can we schedule menu changes?
Yes. VisitOne can offer different menus from your POS system based on the date of the performance. For example, you may offer a different menu for shows that are scheduled in December, to those around the rest of the year. You can have as many scheduled changes as you wish.
We sell tickets far in advance, but we don't want to take pre-orders until nearer show time, is that possible?
Yes. VisitOne  can send a link to the guest any time you like, and you can set when the order buttons appear relative to the show time. So for example, you could send the VisitOne link to the customer when they make the booking, but then have the order button only appear on the day of the show. In that scenario, we would suggest sending an SMS on the day.
How does order collection work?
VisitOne fits in with your operations. Any number of pick-up points can be defined and you can allocate pick-up points to different seating areas. The system will send a "kitchen message" to your point-of-sale so your staff know where and when to deliver the order. It will of course also inform the customer where to collect their order.
Can you do in-seat delivery?
Can we offer something special to our members and VIPs?
Yes. There are a variety of ways you can use VisitOne to create unique experiences for your guests. For example you may want to offer tailored menu choices or members-only pick-up locations, or even a combination of the two. Other ideas include things like a champagne service for guests in certain theatre boxes. VisitOne is very flexible.
We only have one seating area but many bars. How would that work?
Not a problem. VisitOne can be configured to have only one seating area and to use a "round-robin" approach to allocating orders for pick-up. Say for example you have a single seating area with a number of bars around the outside. The system can be configured to evenly distribute orders between each bar.
How do donations work?
VisitOne offers the ability to make anonymous and recognised donations and the donor has the option to make a tribute for their donation. Gift aid declarations are supported.
How does VisitOne help with marketing and sales growth?

VisitOne enables the booker to transfer tickets to individual attendees. When they do that, we seek on your behalf the consent of the attendee to process their email address and we send it to your ticket system or CRM. 

Once the attendee has their ticket, they too can place orders and make donations. 

Can VisitOne use our branding?
Yes. VisitOne has a theme manager that enables it to be themed to use your brand, colours and styling.
How does table booking work?
VisitOne offers guests table times that fit around the show. You can control how close to event time customers can book. The integrations with ResDiary and SevenRooms ensure that your restaurant staff know ahead of time which event your guests are attending.
Does the customer always need an internet connection?
Not always. Customers can store their digital tickets in their phone wallet, just like a boarding pass. Obviously to place orders, book tables or make a donation then an internet connection is required.
How much does it cost?