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Tailoring Visit to Exceed Customer Expectations

Visit was designed with our clients’ needs at the centre of its development. With a unique insight into the running of independent cinemas and a deep understanding of the needs of theatres and event venues, the Visit team has a complete appreciation of the broad range of performances, showings, premieres, dining experiences and corporate events a single venue may accommodate.

Visit allows you to not only enhance the experience for your customers and grow secondary revenue but can also support you to create unique offerings for different events.

Flexible, customisable features for enhancing your customer experience

Turn features ‘on’ and ‘off’, as required

With Visit, you have access to different features to help market and promote aspects of your venue, including pre-ordering of concessions, in-seat ordering and advance table reservations, as well as offering your customers an easily accessible e-ticket.

Not only do you have the ability to offer these features, but you also have the ability to switch them off or hide them, when they are no longer available or possible. For example, if you have enabled table bookings for a certain performance and you become fully booked, you can hide the feature from all customers for a particular day or time to save causing frustration when customers access the table reservations feature only to find there is no availability. This is just one way that Visit can be tailored in real-time to maintain an optimum customer experience.

Set pre-show and interval ordering time windows

We believe that pre-show and interval online ordering is one of the big advantages of using Visit. However, the timing of the orders placed can be crucial (or even potentially damaging) to your customers’ experience if their order is not fulfilled in time or when expected. With Visit, we ensure you and your team have the time and notification you need to prepare all orders in a timely manner, around start times of showings and performance intervals.  

With this new feature, you can pause pre-show orders at a specified amount of time ahead of showtime. For example, if you wish, you can choose 20 minutes before showtime to allow ample time for preparation and fulfilment of all orders, as well as to ensure that customers have plenty of time for collection and return to their seat. Similarly, you can also stop interval orders once a show or film has begun (or shortly after) if you wish. The benefit of Visit is that you can choose what you need to run a seamless operation tailored to your specific venue, giving your team enough time to ensure they know what orders are required and when. Furthermore, using Visit’s order reporting, it is even easier to batch and prepare orders too.

Create bespoke offers for different customer segments

We appreciate that many venues offer a wide range of different seating plans and arrangements, including VIP areas, boxes and premium areas. With Visit, you can customise this experience further still with the ability to have special menus or offers for certain sections of the audience or certain customer segments.

Knowing your customers and their demographics enables you to create a more tailored offering – with appropriate menu and concessions items most relevant to their budget and requirements. In turn, this can help to deliver a great experience and maximise revenue.

Enhance special events with unique offers and menus

Whether it’s a premiere or a press night, a one-night-only performance or a corporate do, we understand that a big event is an important opportunity for you as a venue. It is of the utmost importance that all attendees have a great experience.

We have developed Visit to allow you to run special events in a very different way to your normal showings or performances. Using the ‘showtime override’ or the "Spektrix Attributes" feature, you can offer exclusive menus for certain events only – specially curated to meet the needs and expectations of your special guests.

Also, the pre-order and reporting features ensure that even on the busiest of nights, at a sell-out event, you can ensure a high level of customer service throughout.

Ensuring your customer enjoys every aspect of their visit

As we continue to develop Visit, what drives us is the ability to help you to deliver a great customer experience and maximise your revenue. We want to ensure your customers are delighted with every aspect of their interaction with your venue, from the moment they make their booking. Tailoring the experience is part of that, as is giving you access to features that help make operations run as smoothly as possible.

If you’d like to enhance your customer experience, book a demo and learn more about how easy it is to customise Visit for any event or promotion at your venue.