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Maximise secondary spend

Start rehearsing for the big numbers

When your theatre's curtain rises again, wouldn’t it be great to know you had already maximised secondary spend ahead of your guests arriving? Now you can. Get set up and be ready to perform your F&Bulous 11 O’Clock number.

Minimise Bottlenecks

The Visit platform enables you to take payment for pre-orders that go direct to your POS software. Helping you avoid a crowded bar that puts off guests enjoying what until recent COVID times has been second nature, pre-show and interval drinks. With flexible pickup and delivery options, bottlenecks can be a thing of the past.

Integrate and track secondary spend

The Visit online menu is taken directly from your POS system, and orders are sent directly to the kitchen or bar screens and printers. Visit integrates with Spektrix and your F&B POS. If you don't use POS you can use Visit’s own ordering facility. If you are a PointOne customer, you can plug straight in. Visit will send your guests beautiful digital tickets, take pre-orders, and you will be able to track their spend using Spektrix segmentation tools.

Discover everything Visit has to offer

To discover all the features of the Visit platform such as adding table bookings and the guest arrivals dashboard, head to and request a demonstration.