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Maximise revenue with Visit's new features

Welcome Tevalis

We are excited to welcome Tevalis as the latest POS integration partner. Our integrations are seen by customers as key to maximising secondary revenue. This latest partnership means theatres using Tevalis can now take pre-orders from guests using Visit and see them directly on bar-printers and kitchen-screens. Tevalis is fully integrated with Visit so kitchen, bar and waiter notes are populated with all show time and seat-delivery / pickup information required by operations staff. This enables a safe, touch-free, frictionless experience for guest arrivals and interval drinks. The secondary revenue is tracked per customer and can be passed back to your CRM / ticket system.

Visit Arrivals

The new Visit Arrivals feature provides real-time tracking of guest arrivals, the orders they have placed and where they are expecting to receive them. It allows you to engage directly with an individual guest, either by resending the pre-show message, or by sending a custom message. 

Visit ShowTime

If you need to let a whole audience in on something then look no further than the new Visit ShowTime feature. From here you can send an entire audience a message to remind them to pre-order their drinks and snacks or to let them know the latest updates about a performance. Visit ShowTime enables you to control Visit behaviour and configuration for each individual performance.

SMS as an option

At Visit we understand not all theatres are ready to invest in SMS. SMS is a great way to engage an audience. However, we recognise it may not be right for you. The latest release of Visit uses email engagement as standard, with SMS as an optional add-on. This means you can choose the best messaging approach for your audience, and select the level of investment that fits your budget.

Find out more

To find out more about how Visit can help grow your secondary revenue, head over to and request a demo.