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Revenue growth through customer satisfaction - the power of partnership and integration

Partnerships and integrations underpin the benefits of Visit for performing arts venues. Our integrations accelerate revenue, maximise value, and improve customer satisfaction.

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2 -3 December 2021
9 - 10 November 2021

Integrate your entire guest journey.

Visit integrations deliver not only an improved customer experience but bring additional operational and marketing benefits to performing arts venues. Visit contributes to the overall segmentation and marketing strategy by feeding customer insights and purchasing patterns into your chosen analytics tools. Our approach to integration means that venues continue to use their chosen best-of-breed services, whilst Visit delivers unmatched, superior customer service. Never have performing arts venues had an opportunity to integrate and maximise the value of multiple systems so effectively until now.

The Booking

Our very first integration with Spektrix was a key milestone and what a pleasure to work with the team at Spektrix. Later, through our client relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) we now have an integration with Tessitura. The team at the RSC have been amazing and the result is a multi-tenant, multi-theatre integration between Visit and Tessitura.

We will be attending TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2021. If you are too then we would love to hear from you about your approach to the guest experience and digital ticket integration with the rest of the journey. Drop us a line at and we'll arrange a meet up.

Growing secondary revenues

Growing revenue through food, beverage and merchandise orders is seamless with Visit. Our PointOne and Tevalis integrations combined with our Spektrix and Tessitura connections means venues can offer an unrivalled guest experience while creating perfect operational efficiencies.

Read how the Lyric Hammersmith has benefited from our integrations

All our POS integrations are two-way and very flexible. Venues with multiple outlets with more than one bar or restaurant have full control over what menus are read from the POS and displayed to customers. Orders made using the Visit platform are sent directly to the POS till where they are printed or displayed at a time controlled by the venue. Visit can target specific tills and direct guests to pick-up points based on where they are seated in the venue. The two-way connection between Visit and your POS allows you to offer your guests choice, operate efficiently and maximise the value and revenue generated by your existing POS systems.

We will be attending Restaurant and Bar Tech Live on 9th and 10th November 2021. If you are too then we would love to hear from you about approach to the guest experience and how you integrate your F&B offering into the journey. Drop us a line at and we'll arrange a meet up.

Turning Tables

Further revenue growth opportunity comes from the Visit One Click Booking integration. Adding a table reservation to a night out is extremely easy with Visit. This integration is available for Resdiary and Sevenrooms, with other integrations planned for Q1 next year. The two-way nature of this connection means Visit offers guests the table times that fit around the show and come directly from the restaurant system. Changes made to the table booking by the restaurant team are reflected in the Visit app for the guest, ensuring a seamless experience. It is possible to combine this integration with the POS integration to order food and beverage to the table using Visit.

Understand your customers

The ancillary sales and table bookings made by Visit generate valuable customer insight data. Our Spektrix integration can feed customer activity back to the Spektrix customer record. This in turn can be used for segmentation and marketing. Taking things one step further, we are very excited to have recently integrated with Activity Stream, which means Visit can now be part of the overall analytics picture that performing arts venues use to explore and activate audiences.

Be part of the Visit ecosystem

We continue to grow our ecosystem of integration partners because we believe this delivers the most value to our customers. Venues chose solutions for each operational area of their business for the value they bring. Visit creates additional value in which the whole is greater than the sum of it parts. It does this by enabling ticket sales, merchandising, bar operations and restaurant management to work together for venues and their guests.

If you have an idea for an integration or are a potential partner, we would love to hear from you at

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